BLOG REVIEW: Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice

Christmas for 28yo bookshop owner wasn't always this financial troubled and depressing.
She had many happy times with her close-knit family.
Until Christmas 6 years ago, when a car accident took the lives of her wealthy parents and eventually her younger brother. 
At first, she was wary when dangerous-looking stranger Hero came to see her
But she soon agrees to rent out 1 of her rooms to him, 
after he appeased her initial fears and advances her much-needed rent money. His great sexual allure, coupled with her need to forget her troubles on Christmas start their affair immediately. 
31yo former Army officer Hero sets out to, not only satisfy her physically,
but in every other way. Even fulfilling her long list of house repairs.
Getting a visit from a threatening FBI agent and her ex-boyfriend shakes her from her sated state,
when she was shown proof that connected Hero to the recent African village massacre. 
More so, when the FBI agent shows her an old photo of herself found among Hero's possessions when he was in Africa. 
What is Hero's real motive for being with her? Is he her dream lover or a fraud?

My 2nd Rice read & I have to say that I liked Dangerous Passion better (click here for my review). This book was romantic with a Hero obsessed with heroine & who also stalked her for a bit years ago.

       ---------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details--------------

Hero fell for her when he was a homeless teen of 17 and had a different name. He and his alcoholic father moved from town to town and lived in homeless shelters. His father would give him different names per shelter. Hero met heroine when she visited the shelter when she was about age 15 and gave him food & books. He was awestruck with her and mutely reveled in her presence. Even 12 years later, he remembered everything she wore, said, and did around him. When no one was home, Hero entered her stately home multiple times, familiarizing himself with it. He idealized her and her family, seeming so different than his world. The last time he saw her was on Christmas day 12 years ago, when his father died. He watched her and her family celebrating Christmas from outside her house window. He stopped, after he saw heroine's boyfriend kiss her in her family's presence that night. He moved out of town that night but never forgot her. No matter how many lovers he had. During times of celibacy during war time or a dangerous assignment, he would sexually satisfy himself by thinking about her &/or looking at her photo. It was his frequent gazing at heroine's old photo that his enemy was able to secretly capture on video and that led his enemy to heroine's small town to find Hero's current whereabouts.

     -----------------------------------------END SPOILERS-------------------------------------------------

I liked this Hero just like I did the one in Dangerous Passion.  His love for heroine was apparent. It made his stalker obsession with her sweet and not creepy.

What I didn't like as much was the heroine in this book. She was more needy & dependent, unlike the independent loner heroine of Dangerous Passion. This heroine was especially dependent on male companionship & affection. Thus, her sexually propositioning Hero the day they met. She wanted him to help her forget about her loneliness on Christmas. She's had multiple short-term affairs, including her on & off affair with her 1st boyfriend, and this before her family's accident 6 years ago. She did date, after the accident. And I believe she would've slept with those men too, if they stuck around once they met her injured brother. Since they were turned off by him, they didn't stick around for another date. My point is that heroine wasn't very choosy with men. She tended to be gullible but, at least, she had higher standards re: their treatment of her brother. She just wasn't my type of heroine. What endeared her to me more than similar heroines was her sometimes-humorous POV (point of view). She was able to laugh at herself and her impoverished life, making it more bearable. Heroine may be gullible but she wasn't stupid. She knew that Hero loved her and used that knowledge for good, when the chips were falling.
The action-suspense was lively and predictable. The alternating plot sequence of a chapter of Hero and heroine's romance followed by a chapter of the villain's plot to find & take down Hero was sometimes jarring. Feeling romantic from Hero and heroine's sexy romance then suddenly switching to feeling danger and evil from the villian's POV (point of view). It helped me stay awake and sped up my read. The villain's POV gave us sufficient understanding of the villain's character and motives, without too much detail about his evilness. Action scenes were basically chasing and shooting each other. No gory injury description, aside from blood splattering. Good enough. 

Moderately recommended.

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