BLOG REVIEW: Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey

Although heroine is attracted to her house-restorer boss Hero,
she works hard to maintain a professional relationship with him since she loves her job.
Hero is likewise attracted to her but thinks his attraction to her is one-sided and hopeless because of their working relationship.
Being stuck at a romantic hotel during a Christmas snowstorm for the weekend changes their relationship. Seeing heroine carefree and getting to know her outside of their professional capacity inevitably pushes him to make his attraction towards her known. 
They succumb to their mutual attraction. But going back at work makes things awkward for them. And seeing Hero take another woman as his date to their annual work Christmas party confirms what heroine has feared all along.
Did she give more than he was willing to commit to? Will she have to quit her job to prevent her heart from breaking further?

This was sexy but didn’t grab me that much. Hero and heroine’s reticence to destroy their perfect work relationship seemed more valuable than their emotional connection to each other. Actually, they didn’t have much of an emotional connection to begin with. They were both too concerned with their work and keeping things on a professional level. So, even though they’ve traveled & spent time alone together before, they’ve both limited their interactions to work.  Their mutual and secret attraction to each other was more physical than anything else. And that’s probably what enabled them to successfully limit their relationship to work only for years. The present opportunity to spend time together was more luck and circumstance than being driven by their love and desire for each other . They were snowbound in a hotel, weren’t barraged by work demands, and both were single and happened to see each other at the hotel bar alone. Their weekend affair was hot and meaningful. But both still held themselves back from each other. Again, work was the main issue.  Hero didn’t do much to pursue heroine when they got back at work and make it clear how much he valued her more than work. He also did some clueless and insensitive things, which caused a bit of angst.

    --------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details-------------

Hero brought his former lover as his date to their annual work Christmas party.  He planned on pursuing his romance with heroine but hadn't figured out how yet. Of course, heroine was going to be at the party since she set it up. Although he & his former lover were just friends now and had already scheduled her being at the party with him awhile back, it showed his inconsideration of heroine's feelings for bringing his ex-girlfriend as his date. So while heroine was manning the party, he was going to dance the night away with his date. 

Why didn’t he talk to heroine about his plans/desires for a relationship with heroine before the party? Why didn’t he at least warn heroine that he had already invited his former lover to the party? He had the time to talk to her before the party but didn’t. Heroine did distance herself from him because of their working relationship. But a considerate man would've informed the woman he's still interested in of the nature of his date with his ex-girlfriend. Ironically, it took his former lover to knock some sense into his head.

    -----------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS---------------------------------------------------

His inconsiderate behaviors were signs that heroine wasn’t that big of a priority for him. He didn’t think or consider her feelings and needs enough before his. It's not a deal breaker but it told me that this issue will pop up in the future and something he really needs to work on for a HEA(happy ever after) with heroine.

I partially recommend this book.

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