BLOG REVIEW: Castle Hill by Samantha Young

25y.o. heroine and early-30s Hero have been together ever since their challenging initial romance 3 years ago.
Heroine is getting better at being open with Hero and trusting that her happiness won't be snatched away because he proves time after time that he will cherish and protect her.
Hero’s unexpected proposal didn’t send her into panic. She may have felt some flutters of panic during their wedding but Hero and their friends and family gave her the reality check she needed.
It’s the thought of having kids that drives her into a panic tailspin, however. Hero’s not pressuring her but she knows that he’ll want to tackle the topic later. She tackles it sooner than expected and he doesn’t react well to her immediate responses.
Is this what it takes to break their relationship?

This was 78-page novella was a nice epilogue to On Dublin Street (click here for my review). Heroine had made more progress with her fear and trust issues. She was getting help from a therapist and having Hero be supportive and working on them with her aided in her healing & growth. All through about halfway recounted heroine's fears, desires, and progress from when she and Hero first started their romance. Having it told from her POV(point of view) let us get to know her more. But it also made her seem self-centered. Heroine still needed constant reassurances that Hero won’t abandon her. Hero was like a mind-reader, always responding to her anxiety attacks at the perfect time.  The story changed its smooth course, though, when she freaked out when confronted about having kids.   Hero began acting differently towards her

       -------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details------------

Shock was just 1 of heroine's not-so-joyful reaction to finding out she was unexpectedly pregnant. Her reserved responses to her pregnancy pushed Hero's buttons. He grew up with a rejecting and neglectful mother who wished he wasn't around. As patient & understanding as he was with heroine's fears, he reached his limit with her because it involved their child. He reacted out of protection over their unborn child as well as for himself.  There was some transference going on, with him redirecting his mother issues on to heroine's seeming rejection of their unborn child. So he moved out of their bedroom and distanced himself from her. As much as he loved her unconditionally, his distancing was a way of protecting their child. He was torn and couldn't reconcile heroine as his loving wife and heroine as the rejecting mother of his child.

 It was heroine's turn to do the proving and conceding. His emotional abandonment motivated her to figure out her own issues with having children and do something about it. Her fear of being a parent was tied up with her issues from her family's death. I’d like to see how her experiences of being a parent will impact her issues. I’d like to see how they fit in their sexy times when they have the baby and how Hero will juggle having his own family. 

       -------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS----------------------------------------------------

It was to her credit that she took the initiative in opening up to him about why she reacted the way she did. It enabled him to see his mistaken views about her, apologize, and make things right. It took him a while to let heroine back in his good graces. And I think it was his due. Their relationship was primarily about heroine's needs and wants, with Hero acting like the perfect partner and heroine the emotionally needy & even demanding one.. It actually felt a bit refreshing to see him act more human with insecurities and making mistakes. It made him more relatable and not so god-like. This book whet my appetite for more about how they tackle other future issues in their marriage.

I moderately recommend this book.

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