BLOG REVIEW: A Touch of Temptation by Tara Pammi

25y.o. heroine just perfected her successful online start-up company just as she had with everything else in her life.
Her controlled foundation gets shaken when she finds out she’s pregnant from her slip a month ago when she saw her estranged former-Brazilian-streetfighter-turned-businessman husband 27y.o. Hero again since she left him 6 years ago. 
Having Hero gloat with the divorce papers he has her finally sign compels her to blurt out her pregnancy.  
His plans to sabotage her secrecy about her pregnancy result in potential investors pulling out of their interest in her company. It forces her to take him up on his offer to stay together for the sake of their child in exchange for needed money for her company. But their past and present issues with each other combust into vicious exchanges of attack and rejection 
and overwhelming sexual chemistry. 
How can they manage to stay together without tearing each other apart?

This HP(Harlequin Presents) had lots of complexity. It couldn’t be tied in a neat little package, even at the end. Hero and heroine had some heavy personal issues which rubbed against each other. Hero’s poor Brazilian street-figthing past and the awful rejection of his father made him obsessed with wanting perfection in his life in order to bring down his wealthy but unfeeling father. Heroine, on the other hand, was pushed to be perfect by her punitive and demanding father and her mother’s abandonment of her and her twin sister. Despite their immediate and intense connection when they first met, Hero’s obsession with revenge against his father made him view heroine primarily as his trophy wife to one-up his father. It enforced heroine’s issue of being wanted only for the perfection they wanted from her. Her consequent rejection of Hero played on his issue of rejection by his father. Their issues were viciously colliding on each other, inevitably leading to their separation. Interestingly, neither filed for divorce for years while they lived separate lives.

            -----------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don't want to read the book's details ----------

Heroine was a virgin with Hero but she slept with 1 other man a year after their breakup as a way of getting over Hero. It didn’t work so she put all her efforts on her company instead. Hero had a FWB(friend with benefits) for years during his and heorine’s estrangement. They both comforted each other with their friendship and sexually with their relationship breakups. She wanted more from Hero so he went to see heroine again to serve her divorce papers. But they ended up having sex instead & realized he wasn’t quite over heroine. He did bring the divorce papers again 1 month after and heroine did sign it. But then the pregnancy announcement.  Hero still continued working with his FWB after he and heroine reunited, which caused some big problems for heroine.

              ------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------

At the time that Hero was finally ready to completely end their estranged relationship, the external force of her pregnancy forced them to deal with their complex issues like never before. Her pregnancy forced them to communicate more directly and less cuttingly with each other. So, instead of attacking each other and leaving, they had to explain and discuss to see if they could resolve it without either one abandoning their fragile relationship. With some failure here and there, their more mature and calmer way of communicating did work. Their shared motive of working things out for the sake of their unborn child allowed their hidden love for each other to come out on the surface. Although pregnancy as the means of saving a romance usually doesn’t work, this one did. Her pregnancy served as an impetus for them to calm down enough to openly discuss and resolve things more maturely this time. Their future is hopeful but they both need to continue openly and calmly discussing their thoughts and feelings and work things out together without verbally attacking and running away from each other. This romance was more realistically complicated than most HPs.

I recommend this book.


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