BLOG REVIEW: Wrong Billionaire's Bed by Jessica Clare

25y.o. heroine has always maintained her image as the good twin and a responsible, proper, and efficient employee. 
When her famous twin is once again strung out on drugs, she takes some time off work to help her rehab in private as well as to hopefully spend some time alone with her friend and childhood crush who owns the cabin they’re staying in. 
The cabin wasn't empty as she expected, catching her friend’s unapologetic playboy friend Hero cavorting in the hot tub with his lover of the moment.
His irate guest leaves but Hero decides to stay, finding heroine more intriguing than his almost-lover. She’s nothing like the women he’s used to being with and he’s intrigued by the wildness he senses she’s hiding under her proper exterior.
Instead of spending time solely with her sister and her crush, heroine gets very distracted with goading Hero.  It doesn’t take long for their frequent fights to turn into fiery embraces.
However, when her crush finally asks her out on a date, she leaves with him right away.  How does Hero react? Who does heroine ultimately chooses?

I thought I wasn’t going to like this book at first. There were no attraction sparks when they met. Just a neutral assessment of each other.  Hero seemed like a calculating womanizing jerk who just wanted to make heroine’s life miserable. Heroine was irritated with him and viewed him as a worthless womanizer too.  There grew a lot of annoyance and hate on both their parts. As they spent more time fighting and getting a rise out of each other, I found myself enjoying their sarcasms and petty fights. I really liked how the author gradually transformed their negative interactions into one of interest, enjoyment, humor, and eventually passion.  Their petty fights and one-upping each other actually became sources of sexual attraction for them. I thought it was hilarious how heroine’s prim and proper demeanor, manner of dress, and updo –hairstyle went from things Hero ridiculed about her to being his sexual triggers. He was astonished at how her curvy and soft body turned him on like none of his usually-svelte lovers did. The lack of control both Hero and heroine had over their attraction to each other was a big change from their initial irritation and indifference to each other. It was fun to watch. Their sexual tension and interactions were combustible.

The change in Hero was the best part of this book.  He began as an arrogant, prideful, & hedonistic man who made no excuses about using people for his own benefit. He openly admitted to financial gain as his primary motive for being sexually involved with the woman in the hot tub heroine caught him with. He was usually immune to what others thought of him. He was very confident & successful. Women, in particular, fell at his feet. Heroine was unique in her open annoyance with him.  What started out as a challenge for him became the root of his transformation. Being with heroine made him feel and view things differently. She challenged him with her frank assessment of him as a gigolo who had more respectable options for financial gain. She challenged him to think beyond himself & care for others. And he did, starting with her. She moved him to care for her and to want to be a better man. It was as if her caring, self-sacrificial, & responsible character rubbed off on him. Towards the end, he became a faithful & committed man who began conducting his work with integrity and with help from his good friends.  

Heroine may have been a no-frills, organized, and responsible do-gooder but she was also seething underneath with suppressed emotions. She was used to putting others first. She wasn’t a doormat because she stood up for herself when needed. She cared for others because she wanted to. Her love for others(especially her sisters) was expressed through her being there for them in her unshakable & efficient manner. She became the good twin to her twin’s “bad”, impulsive, and sometimes risk-taking tendencies. It was her way of individuating from her identical twin. But, in doing so, suppressed her own impulsive, emotional, and wild side. And Hero brought it out of her. He saw what she was suppressing and wanted to see that part of her come out. He knew her like no one else did and fell in love with her whole package. I loved that.

I recommend this book.

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