BLOG REVIEW: Because We Belong by Beth Kery

Artist heroine has been eagerly looking forward to her marriage to her fiance, businessman Hero.
But it's been 6 months since she last seen or heard from him, when he abruptly left for parts unknown. 
And she has since given up on their engagement. She gets involved in his company since his family needs her input in a major business deal they're attempting due to Hero making her part of his company's board members. 
But an attempt on her life forces Hero to come back to her. The love between is still strong and so is their passion for each other.
However, he doesn't want to divulge what he's been doing since he left her 6 months ago and can't promise to not leave her again. Heroine is torn between her hurt and anger and the need to fight for their relationship. 
She knows that Hero loves her but can't convince him that he is worthy of her love, no matter his background. What will it take for him to choose her?

I finished this book in no time. It brought to mind why I like Kery's books so much. Her writing took me into the life of the characters. It was like watching a good movie. The emotional tone, sexual-emotional connection between Hero and heroine, vivid characterization, and not-so-predictable mystery of the story gripped my attention and emotions. I'm not a fan of BDSM(bondage discipline sadism masochism) but Kery has a way of writing that made the detailed sex scenes more about Hero and heroine's deep emotional connection than merely salacious erotica. They were romantic BDSM moments, if there is such a thing. What they said conveyed their respect and enjoyment of each other. What they did conveyed their love and understanding for one another. It left no doubt that both of them loved each other. I didn't need to read the previous book(s) in the series to fully understand their current relationship. 

The main obstacle to their current relationship was Hero's view of himself. He may be a confident alpha Hero overall but his new knowledge about his parental origins made him doubt himself.

      ---------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details----------

The 6 months Hero spent avidly researching his deceased father was spent alone in his father's huge French estate and with growing horror at his findings. He found proof that his genius biological father raped his mentally-ill mother and impregnated other women in his bizarre sexual and reproductive quest against women. It finally made sense to him why his schizophrenic mother who he took care of as a child would sometimes respond so negatively to him. He greatly resembled his father per the opinions of the residents of the French village his father's estate was located. It made him wonder how much of his own sexual proclivities and his identity was tainted by his father's blood. The violent nature of his siring and his genetic predisposition created an identity crisis and a huge fear of his worthiness to be with heroine. He was true to heroine and was celibate since the last time he was with her.

      ------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS---------------------------------------------------

No matter the reassurances of love from heroine he couldn't believe himself worthy of her and was obsessed with his quest to understand his progeny in order to know and accept himself. Those were some poignant moments, with heroine feeling helpless in not being able to convince him and Hero feeling helpless and frustrated in his uncertainty about his identity. They couldn't be together because of this external factor that was beyond themselves. I loved heroine's persistence and strength in doing all she can to support him, even at his rejection. She may be artistic and not the most socially savvy woman but she was strong where it counted.  She was not easily swayed and was forthright about her desires and limits. And Hero loved that about her and what made the difference in helping him get through his present dilemma. Heroine loved enough and was strong enough for both of them to see them through this storm in their relationship. Hero had to learn to trust her and their love for each other to help him through his self-doubts. They had a good partnership and a sure HEA(happy ever after).

I assuredly recommend this book

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