BLOG REVIEW: His Unexpected Legacy by Chantelle Shaw

Physical therapist has changed her mind about informing Italian businessman Hero about their 3-year-old son and asking him for some financial support for him. 
Hero still wants to avoid commitment.
 And he prioritizes his work above all else.
So she left him 4 years ago. Now that he knows about their son son, he demands custody of him, especially when he thought that heroine was mistreating him. Although their passion is as fiery as before, 
she can’t help but wonder whether his interest in her is because he cares for her or because she’s the mother of the son he so wants with him.
Can she settle for being second place to their son?

This wasn't the most solid romance. Hero and heroine seemed to be together again out of convenience. She wanted financial help so she and her son can take a needed vacation together. Hero just so happened to be in her vicinity so she decided to finally tell him they have a son together. For Hero, it was his desire to be a father to their son.  Although they quickly succumbed to their passions at their reunion, all they really shared was a strong sexual attraction. Hero only went after heroine again to do damage control over the business deal that fell through because of heroine's public denouncement of his engagement to another woman. His work was his #1 mistress. That was a major reason why she left him 4 years ago. He put work first before her. Now, their son took its place. If it wasn't for Hero's interest in their son, they wouldn't be together.

I pitied heroine's unrequited love for Hero. But I was annoyed at her settling for less just so she could be with him. She wasn't such a doormat to let him run roughshod over her. She did leave him before when she realized their romance wasn't going to be long-term. But a little show of commitment from him, even though it was only a marriage of convenience, was enough for her to stay with him. I also didn't like her manipulative games with Hero. She was subtle about punishing him for not prioritizing her in his life. Hero was more openly manipulative. He seduced her to get her agreement about their son. He knew she was in love with him and let her go as a result 4 years ago. Now, he used it to gain her favor for their son's sake. His confession of love for her later was surprising. I don't really buy it. I think he cared for her because he realized she was a decent person but it was mostly because she was his son's mother and he might as well choose her among the throng of willing females if he was going to be in a long-term commitment. His "love" for her was convenient now. Four years ago, she was easy to let go of and forgotten. And the fact that she got pregnant and miscarried didn't even hold that much of an emotional hold for him. She really was just one of his succession of lovers. It only took him a few weeks to marry another woman after she left him.

-------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details-----------------

The reason why I don't believe that he's been in love with her since their affair 4 years ago but let her go because he couldn't emotionally commit to women was his marriage to the other woman. Yes, it was a marriage of convenience. But it was to his close female friend who was dying of cancer and wished to be a bride before she died. He DID emotionally commit and engage in an emotionally-deep relationship with another woman. He so cared for her that he offered to marry her. He knew she was about to die but it negates his reason about not being able to have emotional commitment to any woman. 

--------------------------------------------END SPOILERS-------------------------------------------------------------

The truth was he just didn't feel deeply enough for heroine to want be with her forever. The positive spin of this book is that Hero did start changing. His son softened him up and made him see that commitment could be positive. His seeing heroine as a loving mother to their son allowed him to trust her with their son and himself as well. It's a sufficient start to his loving heroine fully for herself.

I partially recommend this book

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