BLOG REVIEW: Hello! A Modern Love Story by E. Journey

25y.o. new public defender is shocked to finally hear from 34y.o. online businessman Hero since their passionate night 2 years ago. They finally succumbed to their secretly developing attraction to each other 2 days before he was to wed another woman.  
She was wary of him due to his playboy reputation when they first met a year before. 
But his comfortable relationship with her parents & regular dinners at their home let her see a different and very attractive side of him. 
She knew that their one-night stand would change things. However, she didn’t anticipate that Hero would, not only dump his fiancée the day before their wedding, but not bother contacting her for the next 2 years. She also didn’t expect to find herself pregnant with only 1 more semester of law school to go.
Did too much happen in the last 2 years for her to give him another chance? Why did he take so long? How does he react when he finds out about their baby?

Overall, a decent romance with a light mystery-suspense in the latter part. It had a Harlequin Presents (HP) feel to it but with lengthier pages to describe each facet of the story. It also had more location details and descriptions of the main characters' interactions with other characters.  The book was told from a 3rd-person narrative of both main characters' point of view (POV). Hero and heroine's alternating POVs were invaluable in my understanding of them. They were both not very expressive people and tended to hide their feelings from others.  The writing also wasn’t very emotionally-tinged and their sexual chemistry was restrained. So reading their POV let me know more of what was going on inside them and helped convince me of the truth of their words.  Especially on playboy Hero's part, when he said he loved heroine and no other woman ever, that he meant it.  There were some parts (i.e., the 2 years they were apart), though, that we don't know much of.   Instead of leaving us to fill in the blanks ourselves and surmise what may have happened, it was nice to have Hero and heroine talk about it. Nothing in great detail but they generally addressed the important points.

---------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details---------------

1. Hero’s reason for not being in contact with heroine for 2 years was due to his trying to protect her from his vengeful ex-fiancee, dealing with the legal problems due to his ex-fiancee, and figuring out his identity (& his worth as a monogamous partner to heroine) without women in his life.
2. Hero stayed celibate during their 2-years apart since he & heroine made love that fateful night.
3. Heroine was able to make peace with herself & Hero’s relationship, after a period of depression, grief, and anger.
4. Heroine started a new life as a new mother and a new lawyer with help from her parents & best friend.

----------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS-------------------------------------------------------

The main characters were generally likeable. Both were ambitious, intelligent, hard-working, and level-headed individuals.  They were congenial and got along well with others.  But I was wary about Hero’s romantic interest in heroine. He already had a fiancee when he first saw heroine, deliberately set out to meet her, and tried to engage her interest in him for months at her parents’ weekly dinner gatherings. He didn’t seem to struggle with guilt over his emotional-mental cheating with heroine. And it seemed that he was cheating on his fiancée with a variety of lovers, mostly one-night-stands.  For him to require himself to abstain from women to find out if he can be monogamous confirmed his problem with serial cheating.  His inability to contact heroine during their 2-years apart was another problem for me. I didn’t understand why he didn’t call her or write her a letter explaining his desire to keep her safe from the vengeful maneuvers of his ex-fiancee. It  would’ve helped ease heroine’s mind.  He knew her well enough to know that her sexual foray with him would mean something to her. His failure to make any contact with her, especially after he broke things off with his fiancee, made him look self-absorbed & uncaring of heroine’s welfare. He did change, though. His self-searching and self-discipline in the past 2 years showed he became a better man and was ready for commitment to heroine. His voluntary confessions conveyed his honesty and openness to heroine. Heroine's injury towards the end showed that he was there to support and protect her through thick and thin.

I had some questions about heroine's character also. She surprised me with her willingness to sleep with Hero, knowing he was about to be married in a few days. It seemed so unlike her. She was usually so cautious with men and made it difficult for Hero to even make small-talk with her. She also didn’t tend to be impulsive, irresponsible, and self-sabotaging.  I understand that she may have been swept away by lust but the timing seemed off. Why then and not before? Why when Hero was about to get married?  And to not think of the possible consequences (i.e., pregnancy).  She started acting more passive, which again seemed so unlike her no-nonsense, assertive character (i.e., waiting for Hero to contact her for 2 years instead of calling him for child support or at least letting him know she was having his baby).  Her welcoming him back in her life so quickly made it seem like she really was just waiting for him to come around.  But she did so while moving on with other parts of her life (i.e., her law career, single parenting, her improved relationship with her parents).  Hero's immediate confession of what he went through in the past 2 years and his reasons for doing so made her forgiveness and ready acceptance of him easier to believe.  Their reconciliation was smooth, including his knowing about their son. From there, the mystery of who was trying to hurt her became to focal point. This part was an interesting shift and added some conflict in Hero and heroine’s new life together.

I recommend this book.


  1. Thanks a whole bunch for such a detailed review. Awesome! It's rare for anyone to do this. And it's so cool to put images in a review. Too bad Amazon doesn't allow them. Thank you, too, for rounding the 3.5 to a 4 on amazon.

    I'll say only one thing in defense of my heroine (and, to some extent, the hero). She's young, inexperienced, and people are not always consistent in how they behave from one time to the next, particularly when experiencing things for the first time or when facing something new to them. And their motivations are not always clear. Sometimes, our reactions are based on what we encounter--situations, provocations, etc., etc. The unexpected is part of what makes people and life interesting.

    1. You're welcome, E!

      I did consider heroine's inexperience & really just the nature of humanity to change when something new & powerful happens. That was her 1st romance & Hero impacted her like no other man has. I actually liked that you didn't explain everything. It made me think & left us some room for interpretation. That's the kind of stuff we, avid romance readers, like to grapple with :)