BLOG REVIEW: Untamed Lover by Sharon Kendrick

It's been 10 years since successful businessman Hero left heroine after their 2-month marriage.
She just got engaged to another man & wants to finalize her divorce with Hero. But he makes it conditional on her going back to Australia to help him close his business deals by pretending to still be together.
Their time together makes them confront the very issues that broke up their marriage 10 years ago. They realize that their passion for each other hasn't waned in all this time, despite the changes they've undergone during their separation. 
But is passion enough to right all that's happened in the last 10 years?

Kendrick's books are either a hit or miss for me.  This one was a definite hit! The romance, dialogue, and characterization made the pages fly.  It was emotionally-moving and the sexual tension was crackling between Hero and heroine. It was dramatic and angsty. But there were also some light-hearted moments. The romance was touching. I liked how Hero & heroine both realized their immaturity during their teen marriage & how they both developed as individuals while separated. It was refreshing to read BOTH Hero & heroine staying celibate in the 10 years they were apart, even with both thinking the other wasn't as emotionally invested in the marriage.  I liked how both admitted to their mistakes & tried to remedy it.  If they could only have communicated it openly earlier, the separation would've been avoided...but I guess there would be no reason to write this story.

I definitely recommend this book.

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