BLOG REVIEW: One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy

21yo college-quarterback Hero offers 20yo bar waitress $3000 to be his pretend girlfriend for a week. 
She agrees to spend Thanksgiving week with him at his dad & stepmom’s house, thinking it’s going to be easy money. But she soon finds out that Hero is nothing like she thought he was. And she sees him visibly struggle with the thick tension, underlying secrets, and fake posturing between him and his wealthy parents.
What surprises her even more is how she and Hero understand each other so well without either explaining much to each other. Their connection heightens as each day of their 1-week passes.
And their growing attraction to each other gets harder to resist. How can they sustain their relationship when their week is up?

This book was both deep & sexy. There were some major family dysfunctions that Hero & heroine were dealing with (i.e., abuse, neglect, family secrets, family role reversal). Hero's uncomfortable relationship with his family was immediately apparent to heroine. That was one of her first big clues that they had more in common with each other. Their romance was sexy, sweet, & intense at the same time. Their emotional connection occurred quickly, once they got over their misperceptions of each other. Heroine's promiscuous reputation may be true but she wasn't as easy & indiscriminating as he thought. She wasn't ashamed of her sexuality and was in control of it. Hero had a reputation of being the popular college quarterback but he wasn't as snotty & arrogant as she expected. He shunned the many girls who wanted to be with him in anyway and pretty much kept to himself. He focused on getting good grades & excelled in sports as a way of staying in control of his life. 

Most of their connection was non-verbal. There were emotional undercurrents that both understood from having difficult family experiences & surviving them. They both put their energies into working hard at their external responsibilities: heroine, by working hard to support her brother, mom, & herself and Hero, by being the best athlete & student. They were both caring, over-responsible, and lonely people who cover up their pain well on the outside. They understood their need for silence & privacy, that family was not a good topic to discuss, and others perception of them were wrong but they didn’t correct them. They had more in common that they initially thought. It contributed to their great sexual chemistry and passionate sex scenes. 

My only reservation though is the 1-week timeline. I was convinced of their strong & intense connection within that 1-week period. But one week is too short to predict their HEA(happily ever after). I'm taking a wait-and-see approach and see what comes next in their new romance. Hero and heroine have a lot of major life issues to deal with. The shocks Hero received from this family that week plus his unresolved past traumas are big factors that will affect their future together. The way the book ended makes me wonder how/if these will be addressed in the next book (UPDATE: They are. Click here to see them).

I recommend this book.

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