BLOG REVIEW: Marriage Under Suspicion by Sara Craven

Heroine is focused on furthering her career and has been spending more time at work than at home with her writer husband Hero.
She receives an anonymous message informing her that Hero is seeing another woman.
It shakes her and makes her re-assess their relationship. Her worry for their marriage escalates when Hero announces a business trip he’s planning without her.
Will inviting herself to join him on business trip too late make a difference in the fate of their marriage?

This book engaged my emotions. Craven did well to flush out the issues of marriage problems and infidelity. There were times when I didn't like the heroine because of her selfishness. She took Hero and their marriage for granted for the sake of her career. A problem that's usually the other way around. There were times I didn't like Hero either: for his selfishness & coldly deceitful way of handling his dissatisfaction with their marriage. Instead of talking to her about it, he manipulates things to get his point of across. A very passive-aggressive move on his part. And that's my major gripe with their relationship. They didn't really discuss their relationship problems much, after the truth was revealed. No talk about how their marriage got to that point nor what made Hero resort to such deceptions. So there were no apologies or restitution made/planned from either one. What made it worse is that their marriage fix seems to be having a baby. There was no other mention of how else they were going to resolve their marital problems. 

I somewhat recommend this book.

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