BLOG REVIEW: Frustration by Charlotte Lamb

Producer Hero is enraged and devastated when the beautiful woman he just met at a party that evening & whom he thought was the one for him called him by another man's name in the middle of foreplay.
It was  a shock to both of them when they realized that she's been the one typing his manuscripts. 24yo heroine reluctantly agrees to work as his secretary, after he promised that they will only have a work relationship because she’s still unable to move past her deceased husband's memories.
She’s relieved that he doesn’t want her anymore yet can’t help but be jealous of the women who are gracing his life. As much as he verbally slays her about her lack of personal life, he gets upset when she starts dating another man.
How long will they continue fighting their attraction for each other?  Can she truly move on from her memories & love for her deceased husband?

A different HP(Harlequin Presents). It was published in 1980 and it reads well, attesting to Lamb as a great writer. It’s heavy with emotions—passion, revenge, unforgiveness, and grief.

------------------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don’t want to know the book’s details------------

There’s widowed heroine who lost her beloved husband of only 1 year just a year ago. She’s still grieving privately and unable to let go of him. And there’s brooding Hero who falls for her right away and couldn’t believe his luck at finding her so amenable to him, thinking that the attraction and emotions were mutual. Then, bam! She moans her husband’s name while they were getting intimate. It was volcanic. His rage & feelings of betrayal. Her shame at involving & using a stranger and her grief that it wasn’t her husband she was with. Like I said, heavy.

-----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------------------

Hero & heroine deal with the fallout of what happened the night they met for months. The extended length of it makes this romance different. We see them struggle with their emotions when they weren’t keeping themselves busy with work. They move on from their initial mishap by dating others. But we see the underlying currents between them that sometimes come to the surface with Hero’s acerbic barbs towards heroine about her inability to completely move past her loss of her husband.  What’s different about this Hero compared to others is that he gave her months to grieve & move on, while working together daily, before he went after her fully.
I liked how heroine was given time to realistically deal with her feelings regarding her deceased husband. She was in love and was happy with him so it would take time to grieve over him and figure out her feelings for Hero. When the time came for her to be receptive towards Hero, it was healthy and believable. Hero’s repeated questions about whether she was truly thinking of him and not her husband was reasonable. It’s not just because he was a possessive or prideful man. Their similarities in looks was part of what made her confuse him with her husband. Heroine had to untangle from her husband and completely move on to Hero.

I recommend this book.


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