BLOG REVIEW: Dead Right by Cate Noble

33y.o. heroine can't believe her former lover 36y.o. Hero is alive, after being told he died along with 3 other CIA agents 2 years ago.
Hero has been looking for her ever since he escaped the Thai prison he was tortured in a few months before.
He believes she betrayed him, after being forced to watch a video of her informing her lover of Hero's activities, and wants vengeance.  He knows she's an expert in disguise and won't probably look the same as she did during their lusty affair.
But he can always recognize her by the unique perfume she wears. With a lot of help from his friends, he locates her in Brazil looking very different & doing the most menial work.
It soon becomes apparent that she suffered just like he did. What he doesn't know is that she endured 2 months of torture & rape under the hands of the vengeful Russian villain to protect their baby, whom he didn't know existed. Has too much damaged been done to repair their relationship?

This was a fast-paced & exciting book. It's told in different time sequences of the main characters' past and present. The flashbacks alternating with the present plot made it suspenseful yet still easy to track.  Hero and heroine's undercover work was thrilling in its variety and danger. The way the romance was woven into their work placed a sense of danger & time limit to their affair, making it that much more exciting. I could feel Hero and heroine's angst towards what they thought was a one-sided love affair. They both thought the other was satisfied with only sex and was concerned about pushing for more in their relationship. Things became even more poignant when each thought the other betrayed them & caused the horrific experiences they went through for the past 2 years. I could really have done without the rape. It was stomach-turning with the details and just the very idea of what heroine and her friend went through. It would've been a better romantic suspense without it for me. Still, the romance was good and I believed they'll have their HEA(happily ever after). Once the betrayal misunderstandings were cleared, Hero and heroine were open and honest about their feelings for each other.

I recommend this book with CAUTION: rape & torture scenes.

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