BLOG REVIEW: The Billionaire's Trophy by Lynne Graham

Office intern deliberately dresses shabbily to differentiate herself from her supermodel twin sister.
She feels out of sorts when her usually-distinterested software-developer boss assesses her sexually.
And she is really off kilter when he tells her that he knows about her side-job as a paid escort and that he'd booked her services for the weekend to act as his pretend girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. She quickly refutes working as an escort & rejects him soundly. Her mother who owns the escort service confesses to using her picture on her internet website and demands that heroine owes her for the money she gave her for her leg surgery. So heroine agrees to take the weekend job with Hero.
Their attraction escalates so quickly that weekend that she ends up giving up her virginity to him. 
She soon regrets it after he puts her in her place His putting down? what happened abruptly brings her back to the reality of their nowhere-relationship.  When she finds herself pregnant, does it change anything for her & Hero?

This was an ok read. I was really hoping for more since I’ve loved some of Graham’s books. It did have its funny moments and some serious content. But it was lacking the emotional intensity of her excellent books (i.e., A Savage BetrayalPetrakos Bride).  Hero and heroine didn't seem so into each other. They were very mature about their relationship but in a could-take-it-or-leave-it manner. Both of them came into their fling with open eyes, knowing that it was temporary given Hero’s track record.  Heroine was quite blasé about giving her virginity to Hero. She wasn’t holding out for marriage or a great love and she was very attracted to him. She, however, was greatly bothered by Hero’s callous remarks about it, even though it was true. Heroine was hurt by Hero's callous words about it right after they did the deed. But not in a heart-wrenching way. At least, it didn't feel that way as it was written. Because deep inside she was wanted their fling to be more special than just sex but she didn't want to admit it. And we didn't get a sense of it from the way it was written. I'd have liked to get a more honest POV (point of view) from heroine so we could've shared in her real thoughts & feelings and connected with her & their romance more. In any case, heroine ran away and tried to deal with her hurt on her own. Hero didn't seem like he felt more for heroine compared to other women from the way he viewed her or talked about her. If it wasn't for his 5-month (give or take) celibacy because he didn't want another woman, I would've thought he just settled for her because she was attractive and got pregnant with his baby. 

Her resulting pregnancy wasn’t totally unexpected due to the lack of birth control. But it was unplanned so became a problem. Hero and heroine were quite civilized in the way they handled her pregnancy & planning for their child. They were not in committed relationship but wanted to be active parents to their child. As mature as they were being, their relationship was missing the emotional pull I prefer. For Hero, it was his lack of emotional investment in heroine. For heroine, it was her denial of her feelings for Hero. This book had the right content. I just wanted more.

I somewhat recommend this book

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