BLOG REVIEW: Sweet Deception by Grace Henderson

As much as 24yo heroine is attracted to 25yo Hero, she thinks he's just a charmer who's spoiled by the attention he gets from women and doesn't take his propositions seriously. 

She's also more guarded since she found her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with a friend. Hero finds her both attractive and refreshing from the women chasing after him . His persistence eventually gets rewarded and they start dating exclusively.

However, she doesn’t know how to make sense of cryptic warnings other are giving her about him. When she tries to ask about his family or his past, he clams up. It bothers her even more when she shares the pain of her past with him. How long will she wait for him to finally trust her with his secrets? And what happens when he does?

Be patient when reading this book. The first half isn't as exciting as the latter half. The first half of the book didn’t pull me in the story or the characters. The focus of the book was more on heroine’s adjustment to her new life back in her childhood home. The emotional tone and character depiction were banal. The side stories about heroine’s grandmother & their friends kept the focus off the romance. As far as the romance, Hero and heroine were eyeing each other and flirting lightly. They didn't have that strong emotional or even sexual connection. There was certainly sexual attraction and some admiration for each other but it wasn't the toe-curling kind. Even when Hero got more serious over heroine, it still wasn’t so intense. He was attracted to her & her resistance to his charms was a new experience for him. I actually worried that her big draw with him was because she was a novelty. Heroine, on the other hand,  was busy dodging Hero and didn’t seem that serious about him. She had some insecurities that made her feel not good enough to be with someone gorgeous & successful like him. But after they started dating, the book turned for the better. Hero was able to reassure her that she was the only one for him.  But the secrets he was keeping from her made her still doubt their relationship. I liked how the increasing hints about Hero's secrets built my anticipation. It provided the tension that was missing earlier in the book, including their romance.

I partially recommend this book.

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