BLOG REVIEW: Shadow of Guilt by Abby Green

24yo caterer sees 29yo equestrian businessman Hero again since their confrontation during her beloved brother’s funeral 7 years ago. She still blames him for his part in her brother’s death and refuses to forgive him, no matter how remorseful he is & wants to make amends.
She vows that she wants nothing to do with him.
But heroine ends up begging him for a job a few days later due to the urgency of her father’s failing health & their inability to finance his needed surgery. Hero hires her to be his company’s caterer & takes care of her & her parents, regardless of her adamant protests.  She so wants to hold on to her resentment & anger towards him. But the more she gets to know him & finds out about what he’s been going through because of her brother’s death, the harder it is to deny her hidden feelings towards him.  What will it take for her to forgive him? 
And give them what they both want?

Emotionally gripping. Green’s writing pulled me into the main characters & what they were going through inside. I really shouldn’t have liked heroine because of her bitter, accusatory, & resentful treatment of Hero. She was a biotch to him, despite the kindness he was doing for her & her parents. But Green allowed me to see what heroine was struggling with & empathize with her. Hero was a tortured soul. He was self-sacrificial but not a doormat, ridden with guilt & remorse from the past. He was a deeply caring & private person who struggled in silence & gave to others in silence.

The interplay of Hero’s guilt & heroine’s resentment was fascinating because it mingled with his fight for redemption and her self-accusation.  He knew he wasn’t ultimately to blame yet he still did all he could to make amends for the past. He did stand his ground & confronted her over her unforgiveness.  It became obvious that heroine’s rage & unforgiveness towards him was really masking her anger at herself. 

----------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don’t want to know the book’s details-------------------

Heroine’s big secret was over feeling relief that it wasn’t Hero who died instead of her brother. She’d been in love with Hero for years and couldn’t forgive herself for valuing him over her brother for even that brief traumatic moment. She was so wracked with guilt over it and couldn’t move past for years. She avoided any romance & remained a virgin, while feeling disgusted at how Hero seemed to easily move on with his life.  Hero did sleep around & did daredevil activities during the 2 years after his best friend’s death. But it was with a suicidal & grief-stricken intent.  He completely changed his ways and even became celibate in the past 5 years, after having a major revelation.

----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------------------

There was a lot of angst about their mixed feelings for each other.  And the sex scenes showed it. A mix of heat and poignancy.  Everything about their interactions were emotionally charged and dramatic.  When the whole truth came out, however, the pieces came together. Then calm & solidarity came to their relationship. And it was beautiful.

I highly recommended this book.


  1. Thanks for the great review, love your video and pics to go with it! Exactly how I saw my hero and heroine! :)
    x Abby Green

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