BLOG REVIEW: Real by Katy Evans

24yo heroine was expecting a different kind of proposition after late-20s Hero publicly chased her down during his competition to ask for her name and phone number. 

Instead, he offers her a job as his sports therapist and she accepts. They begin spending time together sharing songs, when not working on honing his body for his fights. They develop a deeper connection, especially when he asked her to sleep next to him to calm his volatile moments. 

Heroine is mystified at why he’s holding back on their physical intimacy as she's willing to go as far as their relationship will take them. He eventually tells her his big secret. Will her love be great enough to encompass all that his secret entails?

This is the book that hooked me into reading New Adult romances. I loved the emotional impact of Evan’s writing, the intensifying & drawn-out sexual tension that hinted at the magnitude of their being together will be(both emotionally & sexually), the characterization, and the intense & obsessive love hot, alpha-Hero had for heroine. I had to put the book down for the night but picked it back up in the middle of night because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There’s not a lot of books that can do that to me. And it was as satisfying as I hoped. 

Hero & heroine were both strong, physical, & goal-oriented people who had an instant connection. I loved how the author drew out the physical part of their relationship so that we are certain that the impact of their attraction to each other was more than their sexual attraction. Much of their connection was nonverbal. The songs on their ipods they shared with each other, their gazes, their kisses & touches, & the air in between them spoke their feelings for them. All those nonverbal forms of communication add to the felt impact of the words they spoke. All except for the 2nd to the last chapter was told via heroine’s POV(point of view). Yet we can still understand where Hero was coming from & feel his intensity towards heroine. It left no doubt that he was 100% in love with her. He became celibate for her, controlled his rage for her, humbled his pride for her, & almost died for her. She was no slouch either. She was smart & strong & stayed smart and didn’t let their lust for each other make her act foolish & weak. She did make mistakes but her reasons were consistent with her character. I liked how Hero’s mental health issue wasn’t glossed over nor romanticized. They made a concerted effort to deal with it.

I definitely recommend this book.


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