BLOG REVIEW: Opposites Attract by Cat Johnson

#1: Fashionable heroine begins to see the employee next to her cubicle, quiet computer-geek Hero, in a different light as they make a joint effort to fill-in the missing sex-scenes of a writer’s erotic book. Hero who’s been infatuated with heroine can believe his luck.

#2: Firefighter Hero is having a difficult time letting go of his strong attraction to his neighbor’s friend heroine. He believes she’s a lesbian like his neighbor and doesn’t believe she’ll change even after she kissed him passionately.

#3:Lawyer heroine is getting over her divorce from her cheating ex and doesn’t feel ready to date yet. But meeting still-married-but-separated firefighter Hero is quickly convincing her about her dating readiness.

3 short stories with humor & sexy romance. The stories are intertwined through the relationships the main characters have with each other. Hero in story #1 is the brother of heroine in story #2, while Hero in story #2 is the brother of heroine in story #3. Each story is focused on how the main characters met and progressed in their romance. They are all light-hearted in their content, featuring characters from more average walks of life. The romance stories are sweet, not too complicated, and sexy. Story #1 and #3 had challenges outside the romance. The only one with the big misunderstanding was story #2, which I thought was the funniest of all 3.

I moderately recommend this book.

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