DETAILED REVIEW: Losing It by Cora Carmack

Mid-20s British Hero can’t believe that the woman he was making out the night before is a student in his theatre class.
College-senior heroine ran out on him last night after changing her mind about having sex with him. She wanted to get rid of virginity and wanted Hero whom she met at a bar the night before to be the one to do it. 
But she got scared of the idea of having sex and was relieved that he left until she sees him in her class. They try to disguise their shock, resist their attraction to each other & limit their relationship as professor and student.  But distance, time, & fear of being found out were not enough to keep them away from each other for long.

This was a humorous book for the most part. It showed heroine’s awkward attempts at getting rid of her virginity while resisting at the same time due to her issues with sexual intimacy. The conflict between Hero & heroine’s roles as teacher and student who are strongly attracted to each other added a great sexual tension to the book’s humor. It became evident that their attraction was not just physical. They had one of those unexplainable connection that comes from fate & not the logic of having known each other or liking each other’s good looks. As great as the sexual tension and emotional connection was, it took a while for Hero & heroine to finally give in to their strong attraction to each other. The matter regarding heroine's friends & college experience seemed more like space fillers. Like television commercials designed to prolong the show's climax. These interruptions and heroine's resistance got a bit tired after awhile. 

I admired Hero’s patience with heroine doing her alcohol get-togethers with her classmates & club-hopping while he stayed home alone with his books. He was also patient with her uncertainty about him & her male friend. Heroine’s uncertainties were quite average for college seniors like her, except for her secret affair with her professor. The college culture was the main locale of the book. It provided a contrast between heroine’s college mentality & Hero’s post-college one. It also contributed to the forbidden element in their teacher-student relationship.

I recommend this book.

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