BLOG REVIEW: The Italian's New-Year Marriage Wish by Sarah Morgan

41yo pediatrician Hero can't believe his 35yo wife who he hasn't had any contact with in 2 years would ask for a divorce 10 minutes before he heads to surgery.

After being happily married for only a few months, she suddenly left him 2 years ago to practice medicine in Africa. He refuses to grant her a divorce unless she stays a few days to be the substitute doctor for their clinic and discuss their marriage some more. It doesn't take long for her to succumb to their strong attraction to each other. 

However, their passion for each other isn't enough to change her mind about getting a divorce. Hero is determined to find out what made her run away from him then & now. But can he handle her secrets? 

An average read, which disappointed me. I expected more from a Morgan book. The main characters lacked the depth and intensity of emotions that I prefer. Their marriage suffered due to the lack of interest on both Hero and heroine's part to get to know each other and fight for their relationship. They didn't know each other that well when they got married and weren't that curious to get to know each other more. And when she changed her mind about their marriage, she just stated it and left. There was no arguments or further discussions about it. She ran away and he didn't stop her.

Hero didn't seem to care enough about her or their marriage because he neither stopped her from leaving or pursued after her to salvage their relationship. His career took precedence over her. He regretted not being interested enough to ask about her past and chasing after her. The good thing, though, is that he changed. He took advantage of his second chance with her. He pursued her and wouldn’t take her ‘no’ until he tried his  best to know the truth from her. His doing so made her feel wanted and helped her to trust him. From there, the progress of their relationship became easy and their future more promising.

I didn't like the heroine's character much. She was very black-&-white in her thinking and passive-aggressive in her attitude. She was happy, in love, & hopeful about her marriage to Hero one day. Then she'd suddenly become distant and hopeless and ran away from him. This was her pattern. Hopeful and sexual with Hero one day. Then rejecting and distant the next. She was a caring and knowledgeable doctor who was very insecure in her personal life. She didn’t allow Hero to know her and didn’t give him a chance to share her problems.

--------------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details----------

When she found out she was likely infertile, she ran away. Immature and selfish on her part. She didn't bother telling Hero something that would affect him. She just left him dangling for 2 years. Then, when she comes back, she manipulates it where he'd have no chance of discussing things with her but enough time to say "yes' to the divorce she wants. I wish there was no surprise pregnancy at the end. Ending the book with no pregnancy or baby would've made their marriage appear stronger and their love more true. 

---------------------------------------------END SPOILERS--------------------------------------------------------------

I partially recommend this book.



  1. Thanks for the review. I am glad I did not waste my time with this book. I hate when you expect more from a book and then it turns out kind of dull.

  2. Country Bumpkin Reporter, glad to help. Sometimes I'd rather read a book that's awful than be bored with one :)