BLOG REVIEW: Chasing Dreams by Kelli Evans

When mid-20s tour-guide sees 24yo new college-grad Hero for the first time on her Niagara Falls boat tour, she feels instantly drawn to him. And he feels the same way.

She agrees to meet him at the town bar that evening and their chemistry heightens quickly.

They spend 2 intense days together with both knowing that’s all the time they would ever have together. Hero lives 6 hours away and both need to stay where they are due to their jobs and family. Their brief time together gets interrupted by an urgent call for Hero to go back home. An emergency with heroine’s sister also arises. Their time together ends prematurely and they don't know how they can be together again. Will distance and time diminish their memory of each other? How can these 2 ever reunite with all the factors against them?

The simplicity of the dialogue, the emotional tone of the book, and the star-crossed romance of the characters drew me in. This was a speedy read for me and I was surprised at how fast it went. I got immersed in Hero and heroine's instant chemistry and deep emotional connection.  I thought their getting-together in half a day (and lasting 2 days) not only believable but incredibly sexy. From their point of views, it was apparent that both viewed their experience with each other as something very unique. They questioned it, thought about it, and accepted it after realizing that it was a one-of-a-kind experience they may never have with anyone else.

The drama that kept them apart was agonizing. It seemed like one interruption after another. I didn't know how they were going to reunite but I knew that they were going to.

-----------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the books details------------------

I didn't like how quickly Hero tried to get over heroine with other women. He didn't have sex with any of them but he allowed another woman to kiss him very soon after leaving heroine. And I'm not sure if he would've stopped the heavy foreplay with other woman #2 if she didn't reject him for calling her heroine's name.  I got that he was really trying to move on with his life, thinking that reuniting with  heroine was an impossible dream.  It was a realistic view but I still didn't like it. Heroine didn't even consider dating any other man. Her agreeing to lunch with her persistent admirer much later was due to hunger and not attraction or attempt to get over Hero. She was moving on with her life and was quite busy. I'd have preferred that Hero not make the choice to forget heroine by so quickly trying on other women.

Their reunion took awhile but it was worth it. All those crises and missed moments served to increase my anticipation to their finally reuniting. Their reunion was sweet. I appreciated the realistic elements in the imperfect conditions of Hero & heroine's lives at that point. Both were jobless and were open to moving away. It made their choice to be with each other, despite their questionable life conditions, that much more powerful. 

--------------------------------------------END SPOILERS--------------------------------------------------------------

The epilogue occurs 1 year later & wraps things up well, letting us see the stability they reached in their lives.

I recommend this book.

*ARC courtesy of the author for an honest review.


  1. Thank you so much for this review. I really appreciated it and I'm so glad you enjoyed the read (even with Nathan's borderline philandery.)
    Such a nice review :)

  2. hahaha..."borderline philandery". Kelli, you just coined a new term. I enjoyed your book very much. The borderline philandery just added to the angst. And I love angst. Thank you for the wonderful read. Please write some more :)

  3. Oh I am! The next book out will be telling Angeline's story. But there is a whole other series you could check out if you're hungry for more Kelli Evans' books ;) They're not quite as angsty, although book two has quite a bit of angst going on. My Whisper Hollow series is a little more light-hearted and funny but still very much me :)
    Thanks again :)

  4. Kelli, I like light-hearted & funny. A good break from the angst. I'd like to check out your other books. What's your website? Or should I do an author search on Amazon?

  5. Oh I'm sorry I spotted this just now. Hopefully you found what you needed. All of my books are available on Amazon. My blog is though for future reference. Thanks again. I hope you enjoy all the others as well.

  6. Thanks, Kelli! I just did an Amazon search. Your blog will make it easier to get your book updates though.