BLOG REVIEW: Between Then and Now by Zoe York

32yo husband feels like he's walking on eggshells since he & his wife have been arguing about the littlest things lately. 
Heroine has doubts about how he truly feels about being marrying her. She can't forget the shaky start of their relationship 8 years ago. Raising their 2 kids and working to make ends meet has kept them busy. They've been arguing more and haven't spent much time with each other lately.When they finally do make time for each other, they realize that their passion still runs strong. 
When he mistakes her for someone on the phone, she’s afraid that her doubts about their marriage may have merit. How do they keep their marriage intact?

This novella was brief but didn’t feel short. It's a quick but satisfying read. The writing pulled me in to the main characters right away and made me care about the state of their romance.It's a different type of romance because Hero and heroine have been married for awhile and their problems are subtle. They're an average couple with ordinary jobs, kids, and bills to pay. It's apparent that they love and care about each other. We get a short history of how they got together. I'd have like a bit more detail about how they met and what their individual life was like then to get a firmer grip on their life story pre-marriage. The focus was on the rocky start of their relationship. They have some unresolved issues from their relationship beginning that neither of them have directly discussed and it's mostly because it wasn't such a big issue to begin with. The fact that it was never discussed nor resolved over the years allowed it to creep into their marriage, fueling the doubts and uncertainties about their relationship. They both had insecurities, frustrations, and wants that they felt embarrassed about. They were not a perfect couple. But both Hero and heroine were willing to work on their problems and made time to do so, when they realized that their relationship needed it. They both had to take risks to trust each other and listen.  

Sex scenes were hot.  I liked how their sexual chemistry was still prevalent, when they thought about each other. It gives a sexiness to the average marriage with kids and bills-to-pay story.


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