BLOG REVIEW: A Taylor-Made Life by Kary Rader

When almost-18yo heroine sees the photo of her cancer-mentor 25yo billionaire online-game mogul Hero, she knew he was the one she was going to give her virginity to. 
Her cancer prognosis isn't good due to not being able to find the right donor match and she doesn’t want to die a virgin. 
The problem is Hero thinks she’s too young for him, although he is very attracted to her and he wants to get married before he dies from his terminal cancer. When her ex-boyfriend comes back in her life, he finally makes a stand. 
But what kind of relationship can they have with their limited prognosis?

This was quite an emotional read. It reminded me of another tearjerker novel P.S. I Love You.  We’re told from the start that both main characters have terminal cancer so I knew there would be some angst.  Yet the storyline, the main characters, and the romance still swept me away with its poignancy.  We got to see what it was like for Hero & heroine to  live & love knowing that either or both  of them can die soon.  Part of what made it so emotional for me is that we got to know heroine & Hero well. We got to know them in the context of their home life. With heroine, it’s with her family & close friends. With Hero, it’s his precious company & his doctor.  It seemed like they didn’t have much in common aside from cancer & playing online games. She’s a popular teenager and he’s been on his own since prodigious start in childhood & he’s still pretty much a loner at 25. But since the first time they meet, we see their connection. In some way, cancer them drew them together. They understood what each other has been through and where each one was at now. The pain, isolation, fear, helplessness, and the outlook of making the most of their present were shared experiences.  They’re both actively seeking what could very well be their last romance so they don’t hesitate to put themselves out there, asking for it via paid or online matchmaking services. 

What I didn’t anticipate in this book was seeing the progression of their love and maturation of their character. We see their instant attraction to each other, some resistance to it, and then embracing their love & having them marry. What turned up the angst was the parallel progression of their deepening romance and the worsening of their illness during their marriage. I could feel the time running out and Hero & heroine making the most of their love. It was like a race between cancer versus their love. Seeing them get sicker & sicker just as they were enjoying the first-flush of their marriage was agonizing.

-----------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details-------------------

It didn't take long for Hero to get increasingly sicker. He held off dying until he could see their son born. They had a baby through surrogacy in order to save heroine's life. 

-----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------------------

I cried. When I was summarizing the book to my husband after, I cried again. Hero and heroine showed what it was like to love in sickness and beyond death.  Having both main characters to be so young and promising made it that much more heartbreaking.

Sexual chemistry was good. Sex scenes were closed door. No details at all, which didn’t bother me. Hero & heroine’s emotional connection was very apparent without any lovemaking details.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re in need of a tear-inducing romance. 

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