Twist of Fate by Mary Jo Putney

33yo corporate attorney strikes out on her own to do pro-bono work for people who want justice for themselves or their loved ones. She rents her office space from former-computer-whiz-turned-carpenter-&-remodeler Hero. He helps her investigate the years-old murder case of a wrongly-convicted man on death row. In the process, they have an affair which heroine prefers to keep casual while Hero aims for something more permanent. 

Although Putney's excellent writing skills are evident, I was quite bored with the content. This book was mostly about the legal system & the romance was more peripheral. What made it worse was the lack of emotional depth in the romance. Sure, there was a crisis because Hero & heroine had a major difference re: where they wanted their relationship to go. But I didn't feel the crisis. I didn't feel angst or any poignancy because heroine was more interested in her work than in their relationship. Hero accepted her choice after discussing his terms. Their "crisis" was pretty tame & lacked the emotional intensity that I like in romance books. Even their sexual chemistry & love scenes were tepid & I didn't feel the overwhelming lust they supposedly felt for each other. In fact, heroine behaved more like a typical guy in their relationship. She had a series of casual affairs, had commitment issues, & was the one that rolled out of bed after making love. Hero, on the other hand, was the one that realized & confessed his love 1st, stopped their sexual relationship until heroine could commit, & waited for heroine to be open to marrying him. Not my cup of tea. 

If you're interested in reading about legal issues re: overturning wrong convictions with romance on the side, this book might be for you. 

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