Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

Art-gallery administrator can't believe she slept with her deceased boyfriend's look-alike right after they met at her sister's wedding & that she actually enjoyed it. Lung-doctor Hero can't believe how strong the attraction he shares with heroine & wants the pursue their relationship fully. But heroine treads cautiously because she's not exactly sure what her motives are for being with Hero & is reluctant to share any info about her deceased boyfriend(BF). As their friends & family get involved, the truth about Hero & heroine's former BF complicates matters even more. 

Overall, I liked this Kaye book. It was sensual, funny, & sweet at times. I really liked the Hero. He was open about his devotion, lust, & love for heroine. He was an alpha-male with a penchant for cleaning & cooking. He didn't have any problems committing to heroine & was patient with her reticence. 

My problem with this book is the heroine's emotional state. She was very hung-up on her 1st BF who died of cancer 2 years prior. She repressed her feelings about him & felt guilty for their secret relationship. The next 2 serious relationships she had were tainted by her unresolved issues with her ex. Her initial interest in Hero was because he looked like the spitting image of her ex-BF. In most of the book, I wasn't sure whether she was in love with Hero or because he reminded her of her ex. She was confused. I was confused. It was disturbing. It distracted from the emotional feel of the book. The only time I thought that she was fully present with the Hero & knew it was him she was with was when they were having sex. The other times she seemed to be comparing him to her ex or hiding herself from Hero because of her issues with her ex. Even at the end, when heroine professed her love for Hero (which I believed), I thought that she seriously needed therapy to find closure over her ex-BF & solidify her identity issues. 

Limited recommendation. 

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