To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt

Plain-looking 28-yr-old non-virgin spinster proposes marriage to flippant but emotionally-scarred rakish war Hero who she's been in love with for 6 yrs right after he was jilted by his fiance. But heroine doesn't want him to know about her love for him, fearing the pain of rejection like she experienced with her ex-fiance 10 yrs prior. Hero becomes attracted to heroine later during their marriage after she sets out to seduce him but he's reticent about his war trauma b/c of how its still affecting him. 

I've only read & loved Hoyt's previous Prince books. I did not love this book. This book was slower-paced & not as riveting as her other ones. The romance was just not very engaging or exciting. It lacked the hot sexual chemistry & passion of Hoyt's older books. The characters seemed emotionally distant from each other until the last half of the book. The writing is still good though. 

Partially recommended.

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