To Marry the Duke by Julianne MacLean

This story is about a wealthy & cautious American heiress who agrees to go to London with her mother to look for a husband with a title but with the condition that she chooses who it is since she wants to marry for love. She is instantly struck by attractive but brooding duke Hero who returns her attraction but fears being ruled by his passions due to negative paternal history of violence & traumatic childhood experiences with emotions. Although Hero has resisted marriage all these years, he is now rationalizing why it would be a good idea to marry heroine & grabs on to the heroine's huge dowry as a good motivation to marry her since his family happens to be in dire financial straits. These secrets & inner motivations become apparent as they get married. 

Maclean's book was a quick, emotionally-impacting read. I liked how the romance was woven neatly into historical details. Unlike other historical romances, I didn't skip sections where the author gives a historical lesson in between the romance story. I liked the way the heroine's assertiveness was portrayed. She insisted on showing kindess, honesty, & love in the midst of opposition from Hero & his family. The chemistry between heroine & Hero was wonderful. Sensuality was good. 

Highly recommended.

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