To Die For by Melanie George

Conservative & simple heroine gets involved in magazine business she inherited from her now-deceased & estranged father who her sophisticated & ruthless twin sister lived with. She surprises the magazine employees with her more-helpful personality since she doesn't dispel their mistaken notion that she's her trouble-making twin sister. She is especially confusing to publisher Hero who she's carried a torch for since she was young. Although he's had no problems resisting her twin sister's repeated sexual advances, he is unexplicably attracted to heroine and cares for her welfare esp with her trouble with a stalker. 

My 1st George book & I could NOT put it down! It captured my emotions with its gripping romance & action-suspense. Romance was not undermined by the action-suspense stuff. The book was tightly-woven & fast-paced. Sensuality was hot yet captured the sensitive emotional-sexual issues of Hero & heroine. Good character development. 

Undoubtedly recommended.

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