The Valentine Child by Jacqueline Baird

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Estranged young wife of 4 yrs seduces her lawyer husband in order to get pregnant with his child, hoping that having another child will further the chance of finding the right bone-marrow match for her toddler son's rare disease. When she informs him that they have a son & that he is very ill, Hero bulldozes his way into their lives. Heroine is ok with that having realized some things for herself: she regrets running away from him instead of tackling their problems together & she is willing to take what she can get from him even though she knows he doesn't love her but hopes he'll fall in love with her. But will Hero stand by her when he learns the complete truth from her?

I had to laugh at the 1-star review b/c I would typically give books like these, with the many big misunderstandings & heroine's dumb behaviors, a similar rating. BUT Baird weaved the plot, dialogue, emotions, & character development so well that I end up really liking this one. Sure, heroine did make some monstrously stupid mistakes when she 1st married hero b/c of her emotional immaturity but she progressed from there. I liked how Baird portrayed her change from this naive & unwise 21-yr-old who believed what others said about her husband & run away from him instead of confronting/discussing things with him to an insightful & practical woman who thinks before she acts & confronts issues even if uncomfortable. Like heroine, Hero failed in clearly verbalizing his motives, feelings, & thoughts with heroine thus adding to their relationship problems. Hero is the restrained & well-controlled type but it masks a romantic & vulnerable heart. It was really sweet to find out later how he sacrificed his dream job just so he can be close to her. I really refreshing to read Hero & heroine fully discussed their past & present misunderstandings. Heroine wanted to make sure that they had total honesty & tackled their issues. Many HP books fail in this regard, where we as readers are supposed to believe & be satisfied that things are well with hero & heroine b/c they're saying "I love you" to each other. Baird takes the book resolution to a satisfying & believable conclusion by making her characters talk & explain things to each other with their "I love you"s.

Highly recommended.

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