The Petrakos Bride by Lynne Graham

The story is about a temp employee who's been idolizing attractive Hero since he made her dying sister's wish come true 9 yrs ago and has immediate affair with him. But she didn't know that he was engaged to be married to another, even though it's a marriage based on convenience & not passion. She leaves him after she finds out about his deceit & finds herself pregnant. She calls him for support 4 months later when she found that she had medical issues from her pregnancy that prevents her from working & supporting herself & their unborn baby. 

Lynne Graham does not disappoint. This book is well-written & well-paced. For a short novel, this book has remarkable depth. The characters are flawed & the story unfolds how they work out their mistakes. Sexual chemistry & sensuality kept me glued til the end! 

Highly recommended.

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