The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran

Soon after she arrives in India, wealthy heiress is having 2nd thoughts about marrying her British colonel fiancé & her upper-crust British life. Meeting British-Indian marquess Hero makes her question her conventional life even more. Trying to survive the war between Indian rebels & British soldiers draws Hero & heroine closer together. When they get separated by the war, both think the other died. When they meet again in London 4 years later, they confront the past & present to figure out if they have a future together.

This was a good Duran book. The writing was excellent. Hero & heroine’s thoughts & emotions were conveyed well & most of it nonverbally. Hero & heroine may be saying or behaving in one way but reader is shown the truth of their feelings & thoughts by what is left unsaid or some other indirect means. This is part of what made this book emotionally-involving.  Dialogue was good. Hero & heroine tended to get philosophical but it wasn’t pedantic. They were both assessing the sudden changes in their lives & trying to make meaning of them.  The romance was poignant & angtsy, especially with the war trauma Hero & heroine experienced & the unconventional lives they were living. The characters showed depth, with the changes in their character—both good & bad.. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good.

Highly recommended. 

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