Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan

The story is about an educated heroine who pretends to be a man in order to find work and keep it. She's been fired numerous time from previous jobs due to being molested by male employers. This time she finds herself working as a servant for a libertine duke Hero whom she met before when he was diddling with 2 prostitutes in his carriage and who propositioned her. She's fearful of being found out because of her attraction to him & what he might do as a consequence. 

This is my 2nd Sophie Jordan book & it's very good. Characters are likeable, even in their imperfections. The Hero, in particular, shows emotional & moral growth. Sensuality & sex scenes are wonderful & captures the undeniable passion of hero & heroine who are actively fighting it. Although the very different socioeconomic status of Hero & heroine seems unbridgeable, the romance was so riveting that the resolution of their status seems believable. 

Quick read. Highly recommended.

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