Sinfully Sexy by Linda Francis Lee

Plain & somewhat prudish El Paso local station manager almost has sex in hotel bathroom with attractive man who she finds out next day works for interested but ruthless buyer of their tv station. Although it started as a case of mistaken identity, Hero goes on with the pretense that he just works for the buyer but regrets it when he becomes emotionally involved with heroine. But other things get in the the Bachelor-type show they're trying to put on as last-ditch effort to save the station, his intrusive family, & her clamming up about her own childhood/family. How do these 2 finally end up together?

Dialogue, various cast of characters, & plot got in the way of the romance. Romance & sexual chemistry would've been good if it wasn't for the overloaded plot & cast of characters. Reading it became annoying. 

Read if you don't have anything more interesting to read.

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