SEALed with a Ring by Mary-Marget Daughtridge

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Due to her over-involved grandfather's stipulation, beautiful & career-oriented heroine has to get married within a certain time or else lose ownership of their successful family car business. She asked injured Navy SEAL Hero, whom she had a 1-night stand with a year ago but doesn't remember her, to marry her. She knows that his job will guarantee that he won't be around her much. Although it's an added bonus that they share a strong physical attraction to each other, she guards her emotions by reminding herself of Hero's love-em-&-leave-em attitude with women. What she doesn't know is that Hero's traumatic brain injury from his last tour of duty made him forget their night together a year ago but he struggles with the niggling notion that there are some things about heroine that seem so familiar. 

My 1st Daughtridge book & I liked it. She has a unique style of writing. Events are written in little snippets that allow the reader to see what the main characters are like on an average day as well as on major events. This way she de-mystified the Navy SEAL Hero a bit. We see the Hero in this book struggle, not only with new physical & mental limitations, but also with his changed identity, memories, career direction, attitude, & relationships. We also see strong, successful, & beautiful heroine struggle with potential major life changes that bring in insecurities & loss of her hard-earned control. Basically, Daughtridge takes 2 bigger-than-life characters & make them relatable by virtue of their current struggles. 

Romance, pacing, & sexual chemistry were all good. The only downfall was the way the sex scenes were written. They were sexy because there's some generalized description of their sexual intimacy & the main characters share such a strong sexual attraction. But the sex scenes were not sensual. The sex scenes failed to draw me into the characters psyche, making it a dry read. Having more details of their intimacy & how it was affecting Hero & heroine in the moment would've made it sensual. It was disappointing because Hero & heroine's other interactions were much more open & emotionally involving. The sex scenes were not. 


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