Relative Sins by Anne Mather

Newly-widowed heroine comes back to England to bury her husband & settle down with her 4-yr-old son who really happens to be the son of her brother-in-law (Hero) who she had an affair with a few weeks before her wedding. She kept her son's parentage a secret since her husband didn't think anything of the suspicious timing of her pregnancy. Now that heroine is a widow her brother-in-law is claiming his paternal rights & trying to discuss what happened between them 5 yrs before. But heroine keeps on avoiding the subject. 

I cut my teeth on romance with Anne Mather but this is the last Mather book I'll read...unless there is absolutely no other book around & I have nothing better to do. This book was not romantic in the least. The heroine was bitter, resentful, in denial, & blaming others for her problems, esp Hero. I just didn't see why Hero would be attracted to her, except maybe she's more like his mother & you know what they say about being attracted to people who remind us of our challenging parents in some way. Hero may be portrayed like an alpha male at 1st but it becomes evident later what an emotional doormat he is, getting stepped on by the jerk of the heroine time & time again and yet he still loves her(?!). I also didn't like how Hero & heroine were both adulterous, given that they willingly had sex knowing heroine was about to marry his brother. Oh, and the brother being culpable in regards to their sexual fling is another matter. Then there's the heroine leaving her 4-yr-old son for months after saying she wouldn't leave without him...Yeah. There's just so many distasteful parts in this book. I can go on & on but I won't. 

A dysfunctional "romance". Not recommended.

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