My Thoughts on the First 100

Process is how things unfold to get to a certain point. When I worked as a psychologist, the process of therapy was part of treating my clients.  Being aware of how things unfold (whether in therapy & life in general) can lead to improvement. 

Blogging is a process too. Copying and pasting the first 100 book reviews from my trusty ol' spreadsheet to this blog made me realize that, one, this is not as difficult as I expected. Sure, it's taking some time & mental work but it's really not that bad. Two, it involves quite a bit of emotional involvement.  Such a public site about personal matters makes me feel more exposed than my experience just posting book reviews at Amazon and goodreads. Having my own blog is like having my private journal for the world to see. 
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. And thinking about what I want to put out there will be an ongoing experience of unfolding. A "wait and see" process.  Three, I notice that my initial book reviews are different in content and quality than the later ones. My first book reviews have no plot summary & are typically 3-4 brief phrases of whether I liked the book or not. Plot summary got added soon after. The brief phrases became a sentence or 2 explaining what I liked or disliked about the book. That's growth! Right?

Now the question is what will the next 100 book review listing be like? We shall see.

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