Pleasured in the Billionaire's Bed by Miranda Lee

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When her employee calls in sick, 30yo widowed heroine acts as the replacement housecleaner of successful writer's penthouse suite. They have an instant attraction to each other. Hero pursues it & heroine finds it strange because of her aversion to sex. Hero manages to convince heroine to let him teach her the pleasures of sex. But their strictly sexual affair feels like more but heroine wants to hide it from her family. 

This Lee book was neither deep or poignant. In fact, it was an average read with light emotional involvement. The romance was also light. There was no Big Misunderstanding between the main characters. Their relationship challenge was merely about the main characters' readiness to commit to marriage. Neither had any major issues against marriage: heroine didn't like sex & Hero has not met the right woman yet. But once they figured out what they felt for each other, they smoothly submitted to a serious commitment with each other. 

Heroine's aversion to sex didn't have any deep or traumatic roots. She just didn't care to have sex with her husband & only lover. And Hero's sexual expertise easily fixed her sexual "problem" for her. No major breakthroughs or revelations. 

Read this book if you want some sexual sizzle but no angst. 

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