One Night of Passion by Elizabeth Boyle

Heroine thwarts her greedy uncle's plan to marry her off to an elderly 9-times-married man for money but with a conditional medical proof of her virginity. She goes to a Cyprian ball to find a rake to rid her off her virginity. She meets an honorable but just-recently discharged captain instead who tries to help her. Finally giving in to heroine's pressures & schemes, Hero has an unforgettable night with heroine only to find her gone the next day. He looks for her everywhere but cannot find her. One year later, they meet again but in suspicious circumstances. 

This Boyle book began well. I thought heroine's aggressiveness & craftiness in getting hero to sleep with her was amusing. But she became irritating in latter half of the book. Even though she was the one who put the pressure on Hero having sex with her, she ends up blaming him for being a womanizer & debaucher of innocent after the deed was done. And the book changed focus from the main characters' romance to a spy-action theme. Disappointing. It was hard for me to get through the latter half so I started skipping pages. Nothing changed. 

I'd skip this one unless you like spy-type romances.

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