One-Night Baby by Susan Stephens

Heroine has a secret child from an impulsive 1-night stand with Hero 5 yrs ago. She now dresses in a dowdy & staid fashion & Hero thinks it's just an act & suspects heroine is hiding something.  Hero eventually finds out about his daughter by accident & becomes resentful of her & seeks full custody of their child.   Heroine, on the other hand, feels confused & helpless that Hero would be so angry with her & try to take their child away from her.

I don't know if this is how Stephens typically writes but this book is just BAD. The dialogue & plot is like a condensed soap opera with inconsistent characterization of Hero & heroine.  For example, heroine is portrayed as an independent & capable person then a few pages later she's acting & thinking like a TSTL heroine.  In another one, Hero can't stand heroine because he thinks she selfish & manipulative then next thing you know he's in love with her (?!). Although there's a lot of drama in this book, it didn't engage my a good way.  I just did a LOT of eye rolling. Sexual chemistry & romance were lacking. The brief love scenes seemed out of place.  

Don't read this drivel.

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