One and Only by Carole Mortimer

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As a favor to her male cousin who just won a dinner date with a tv actor from a women's magazine contest, 27yo librarian of a rural English town goes to London for the prize dinner date. Her boring date with the self-involved actor gets vitalized when her date's famous co-star invites himself on their table & displays his apparent interest in heroine. Due to her date's pleading to keeping the reason of their dinner date a secret from Hero, heroine lets Hero believe that she & her actor-date were previously involved. Things worsen when heroine's male cousin & ex-BF come into the picture. Heroine doesn't know how to dispel Hero's belief that she's not a femme fatale but a staid, virgin librarian. 

This Mortimer book was cute. The romance was sweet & light. The misunderstandings & the reasons for them highlighted heroine's loyalty & kindness and Hero's undeterred attraction to heroine. I was a bit disturbed that Hero still pursued heroine when her marital status was in question. It showed Hero's determination & questionable morality when it comes to getting something he really wants. Heroine was na├»ve but she showed some growth in that area later in the book. Sexual tension was good & love scenes were minimal & closed-door in details. 


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