No Control by Shannon K. Butcher

Scarred, strong & independent heroine is actively getting her life back in order after recuperating from being kidnapped & tortured in Armenia 18 months prior. Special-Ops Hero is the one who rescued her but disguised himself as one of the terrorist team. Heroine is in danger again & faces Hero again per the orders of Hero's boss to protect her as well as find out the secret she's been keeping.

My 1st Butcher book & I was surprised at how much I liked it.  I was expecting something more gory & suspense-focused from some reviews I read about Butcher's books.  Well, this book wasn't one of them.  I loved how intense the romantic element was in this book.  Although there's a lot of action-packed suspense, the central focus was on how this alpha Hero loved the tortured heroine who seemed to hate his guts while feeling attracted to him.  The emotional depth, characterization, & plot kept this book a really speedy read for me.  The sexual chemistry & love scenes were wonderful. 

Highly recommended.

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