DETAILED REVIEW: Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

27yo actor Hero runs inside 27yo heroine's bar and she helps him hide in there to
escape his rabid fans & the papparazi in the small town where they're filming his new blockbuster movie.
He's impressed at how different heroine is from most women he knows. She’s never seen any of his movies and isn't awed by his celebrity status. She treats him like an ordinary person & gives him the privacy he’s been lacking. Their relationship unfolds slowly as both carefully weigh the consequences of being involved in the public eye. Their feelings for each other intensify when they finally make the choice to be together.
This was quite a thorough romance detailing what's involved in dating a famous celebrity. We get details about how the nosy papparazi & obsessed fans invade the privacy of the Hero and heroine & try to cause ruin for their relationship with lies & innuendos. Heroine is a non-celebrity and not the average 27yo woman. She’s a savvy multi-business owner who has supportive friends & not awed with fame. She’s been hurt in other relationships & doesn’t trust men easily. Hero is more trusting than her. It was clear to him how heroine is with him for himself and not his status or wealth. He constantly reassures her by word & deed how she’s the only one for him. But outside forces (i.e., old lovers, wanna-be lovers, the papparazi) impinge on their relationship & constantly tries to put doubt in the trust their building with each other. It manages to work its way in & I like how Hero & heroine pull their heads together to work things out. There was a moment towards the latter part of the book when their crisis hit its zenith. It was poignant & I got teary-eyed because of the damage that was being done to both of them. I could feel their love for each other & the distance the crises was pulling them apart. Her friends support & even tough-love became the glue that otherwise would’ve broken them up. 

Sexual tension was good & sex scenes not detailed. We get a good dose (& at times, an overdose) of the ordinary things in the main characters lives. It made it realistic albeit long (thus the 400+ page book total). It was told from heroine’s POV that was more descriptive & not conversational in style. There were a few times when the dialogue and writing seemed banal & there was an overuse of the word “snickered”. Aside from that, this book was good.

I recommend this book.

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