"I'm not sure" Can Be Good

This blogging business can be boggling. I feel like I’m fumbling my way through it, changing my mind here and there. I changed my website domain name 10+ times, my blogging theme about 5 times, and my website appearance? Countless. I just haven’t been sure about what I’m doing.

Well, today I finally decided that I’m going to combine book reviews with my baking experiences. I’m not quite sure what the two have to do with the other. But I’ll make it work.

Uncertainty can be good. It can lead to some good ideas. Sometimes even to greater ones. I can settle for good. But I’ll aim for greater. What, don’t see what’s so great about book reviews & cookies? Well, me either. For now. But something will come up. Hopefully.

As I write this, I am fairly certain that I’ll question myself & change something again. Who knows maybe I’ll pair book reviews with rock-climbing. Wouldn’t that be something. Hey, maybe somebody can blog about that! Any volunteers? 

Really, uncertainty & changes are not so bad. They can, at the least, open up our minds to possibilities.  

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