Ice by Linda Howard

30-year-old daughter of small-town Maine's former mayor is hijacked in her parent's house by 2 meth addicts during a bad ice storm. She is rescued by attractive son of town's police chief who used to tease her when they were kids. The stress from being chased by the villains seemed to draw them closer together emotionally & sexually.

A substandard Howard book. The romance, suspense, plot, & dialogue were very predictable, emotionally non-engaging, & ordinary. The characters (especially the villains) were like caricatures. The romance & sexual chemistry were rushed, underdeveloped, & unconvincing. If this was Howard's 1st novel ever, I wouldn't have been surprised by it's substandard quality. But it's not so I'm baffled. Did Linda Howard REALLY write this drivel? The only good thing I can say about this book is that I learned a lot about ice storms & what to do to prevent frostbite.

I partially recommend this book for Howard fan's for comparison reasons. Otherwise, don't waste your time. Read some other Howard book.

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