I Married a Billionaire: The Prodigal Son by Melanie Merchande

Heroine is adjusting to being married & loved by her wealthy technology-creator husband. Their marriage started out as a business arrangement & since progressed to more. She gets to know him more as she’s interviewing him for his biography. His past meets his present when his supposedly-deceased father reappears & stirs things up. Other life changes necessitate more adjustments to their marriage. How do these life events affect their marriage?

This is my first Merchande book. It’s not a truly stand-alone book because I felt like I missed out on the main romance development that Hero & heroine alluded to in this one. It did summarize for us the relevant aspects of how their relationship began so I didn’t feel lost. This book is the calm after the storm. The main characters have professed their love for each other & are settling in their marriage life. There’s more talk than show in their romance. There are some sex scenes (not explicit) & serve to show us that they are still very passionate with each other. The bigger part of this book is about Hero’s family, as told in excerpts of the biography heroine is writing & details of their interactions with his estranged father & a bit with Hero’s sister. His familial relationships give us & heroine a better picture of what shaped Hero’s character. 

I partially recommend this book.

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

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