BLOG REVIEW: Hell or High Water by Jerrie Alexander

32yo Child Protection Service enforcer escapes from her kidnappers the second-time around when a black-clad man riding a motorcycle saves her. And then disappears.

What heroine doesn’t know is that her mysterious savior is her old college boyfriend who’s back in town after a long stint with the Navy SEALs. It’s been 10 years since they last saw each other & the sparks are definitely still there.

Yet heroine keeps her guard up. He hurt her tremendously 10 years ago when he chose his Navy SEAL career over her and she doesn’t want another heartbreak. Her resolve to keep her distance from him soon crumbles when his bodyguard duty over her has them spending much

time together. When her best friend gets kidnapped, the life & death events make them assess their relationship. 

This was my first Alexander book & I was hooked from the first page. The action-suspense kept me on my toes. It wasn’t so much that it was unpredictable or unique. The culprits were easy to spot. The wrongs being done to the women weren’t gruesomely depicted. But we get the idea of how bad the intentions the kidnappers had. What made it suspenseful was the writing. It flowed well & kept my interest going as if I was watching it on screen. 

The romance was balanced well with the suspense. We saw Hero & heroine struggle with their second chance together while trying to follow the trail to the kidnappers. The romance focus was on the present & their questionable future. Their past was briefly mentioned & didn’t take away from our understanding & involvement of their current relationship. I liked that Hero & heroine acknowledged their immaturity in the past & the change they've gone through since. It was a brilliant bridge of the mistakes of their past romance & what brought them together now. It made it easier to forgive Hero’s choice of leaving heroine for his military career. It made his hesitation to demand anything from her now understandable too. He knew that he hurt her then & he couldn't make up for it. What truly mattered was what happened to them from now on. Their romance wasn’t written to be angsty, even though it sounds like it should’ve been poignant. The maturity of Hero & heroine made it easier to acknowledge their past (mistakes & all) & figure out their present without resorting to dramatics or manipulation. They both went into their current relationship knowing the stakes. Both knew there was love between them but the question was their willingness to fight to keep it this time around. I liked how things unfolded towards the end. The stress of the kidnapping served to move things along.  The sexual scenes reflected their passion for each other. We don’t know much about anybody else important either one were involved with in the past decade (except for some sex-based flings Hero had). Neither were pining away for each other. Yet neither met anyone else that they connected with in the same way. 

The secondary characters (3 mutual college friends & heroine's best friend) added to our understanding of the main characters as individuals & their past relationship. We get to know each one a bit. I'm the most intrigued with the amnesiac friend & his special connection with heroine's best friend. Hoping their story will come out soon.

I recommend this book


  1. Thank you for the awesome review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story!

    1. Jerrie, I did. Looking forward to Jake's story. Any date on that yet?

    2. While you wait, Rom Reader, check out her first two. They are also awesome! The Green Eyed Doll and The Last Execution.
      And this is a wonderful review! Very impressive.

  2. Thanks for the recs, Marsha. Will look into those 2.