Hawk's Way by Joan Johnston

1st story: Injured pro-football player goes back to hometown to recuperate & finally rid himself of his virginity with his childhood BF who was raped at 16 & still struggling with her sexual self-confidence esp since she has large breasts. But both are not being very upfront about their issues/motives with each other. 

2nd story: Fighter jet-pilot comes back to hometown to tell his BFF(best friend)'s longtime GF/fiance, who he's been in love with since a teen, that BFF died in action. He proposes to marry her on the day of her wedding with BFF to supposedly help her with her ramshackle, deeply-in-debt ranch but hard-working & self-sacrificing heroine struggles with guilt about being so attracted to Hero esp compared to her deceased fiance at such a short-time after fiance's death & keeping her secret that may affect his desire to marry her. 

My 1st Johnston read & was pleased. Both were solid romances. Good chemistry & love scenes were ok. Other characters were interesting & didn't get in the way of main romance. Am actually looking forward to reading about these other characters' own stories. 


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