Diablo by Georgina Gentry

The story is about an 18-yr-old daughter of Wyoming rancher is engaged to an old conniving rancher because he told her that was her dad's last wish. She gets kidnapped by scarred half-breed cowboy mercenary who's seeking revenge against her fiance for physically & sexually abusing him along with 3 others 15 yrs prior. Heroine is attracted to Hero who returns her attraction but thinks he's too ugly for her to willingly want to be with him. 

Don't know if this is how Gentry typically writes since this is my 1st book of hers but I was either bored or annoyed with this book. The characters were like caricatures. The plot very predictable. Lots of language & theme repetitions (i.e., Hero thinks he's so repulsive to women, Hero keeps on forgetting heroine's name even though he think about her constantly, villain ruminating about how he wants heroine as his wife) as if Gentry just cut & pasted. Most times the language characters used was modern & only Westernized by the words "I reckon". The only part I liked was the author's notes at the end, which gave interesting historical view of Wyoming ranchers, the Shantee rebellion, & other historical tidbits. 

Not recommended. This is my 1st book of hers but will try her other books to see if she can surpass this disappointment.

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