Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins

The story is about a chatty & friendly small-town Maine diner owner/waitress who has a crush on the new priest & tries to get over it by dating other people recommended by the priest & others but nothing works out. She unexplicably finds herself suddenly attracted to loner & very silent lobsterman who she has quick affair with. But she's uncertain about their relationship since she doesn't know much about him because of his reluctance to talk about himself or their relationship. 

Was only planning to read a few pages but ended reading the whole book in one night. Funny & emotionally pulling. Despite the charming cast of characters & heroine's trials with dating, the main romance was still dynamic. Even though sexual details was nil, the sexual chemistry due to the emotions the characters evoked made up for it. My only reservation is the abrupt ending. I wish Higgins spent about 3 more pages to describe the heroine & Hero's coming together at the end or at least an epilogue that shows what happened to them later. 


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