The Boss' Wife for a Week by Anne McAllister

2.5-star Highly-organized & efficient office assistant is shocked to find out that her 1-day marriage 4 years ago to her boss & longtime friend (who she's been in love with for a long time) was not terminated after all. She agrees to pretend to be happily married to him for 1 week for sake of his business deal. She's also open to making their 1 week together meaningful before their divorce is finalized & she moves elsewhere.  Hero is bothered with realization that she's still his wife & has hard time putting her back in his "she's-only-my-employee" mental box after seeing her holding her lacy underwear. 

This McCallister book was ok. The romance could've been better if the time gap between their 1-day marriage & current relationship wasn't so long.  It made the main characters feelings for each other not so strong, if they both can be easily distracted & forget about their passionate night together for 4 years of constantly interacting with each other at work.  I can understand heroine's standpoint of feeling hopeless about her love for Hero. But I wasn't convinced that Hero's been in love with heroine all that time.  He seemed to only think of her as a woman when he saw her holding her lacy underwear. It seemed like a superficial attraction or lust on his part.  

I somewhat recommend this book.

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